Big Data Engineer

Course Overview

Big Data Engineer is one of the most sought after skills today, especially in the data intensive era. The role and responsibilities of data engineers has become crucial, since the quality of data products depend on the performance of data engineers. 

This training is designed to provide knowledge and skills needed to support data-driven decision-making by processing and transforming data. The course covers designs, builds, maintains, and troubleshoots data processing systems.



  • Software developer
  • Data analyst
  • BI developer
  • Everyone who has experiences in IT industry and want to develop careers as data engineer



  • There are no special technical requirements for this course, the participants should be at least familiar with computers.
  • Previous experience with SQL or data processing will be helpful.


What's Covered in This Course

At the end of this training, participants will have the knowledge and skills to :

  • Data warehouse concept
  • Data lake overview
  • Store data in HDFS
  • Access data using Hive
  • Work with MapReduce
  • Process data with Apache Spark
  • Automate ETL job



After completing training participant will get a certificate: Big Data Engineer




Big Data Engineer
Course code: DEV302
Course type: Online Class
Duration: 5 days
Skill level: Intermediate
Course Format: 40% Teori - 60% Praktek