Introduction to HGrid247 Analytics

Course Overview

HGrid247 Analytics is a big data analytics low code tool for self service analytics, data mining and machine learning. It helps you discover hidden patterns in the data, mine fresh insights, and make the data work for you.

This one day training provides skill and knowledge for data analysis, from data exploration, feature engineering, data visualization, and modeling using HGrid247 AN. The course is designed so that a beginner can follow easily through examples and real cases. From data loading, data exploration, visualization, to model training and evaluation.



  • Student
  • Software developer
  • Data Analyst
  • ETL Developer
  • IT Professional
  • Everyone who interested in Big Data



  • Participants should be interested in data processing and data analysis.
  • Participants should have basic understanding of machine learning algorithm


What's Covered in This Course

At the end of this training, participants will have the knowledge and skills to :

  • Understand data science workflow using HGrid247 Analytics
  • Do data preprocessing and feature engineering
  • Create predictive model
  • Work with structured data
  • Create sentiment analytics



After completing training participant will get a certificate of completion: Introduction to HGrid247 Analytics




Introduction to HGrid247 Analytics
Course code: PRD107
Course type: Product Training
Duration: Half day training
Skill level: All Level
Course Format: Theory and Practice