Yava247 Data Management Platform Essentials

Course Overview

Big data has become an integral part of business and various organizational activities. Knowledge of big data, its architecture, and the underlying components is a must to be successful in the competition.

This training is a one-day technical overview on processing data by using Apache Hadoop. It includes high-level information about concepts, architecture, operation, and uses of the YAVA247 Data Management Platform powered by the Hadoop ecosystem.



  • Student
  • Software developer
  • Data Analyst
  • ETL Developer
  • IT Professional
  • Everyone who interested in Big Data



  • There are no special technical requirements for this course, the participants should be at least familiar with computers.
  • Participants should be interested in data processing and data analysis.


What's Covered in This Course

At the end of this training, participants will have the knowledge and skills to :

  • Understand Big Data and the implementation
  • Yava Data Management Platform
  • Store data in Hadoop Distributed File System
  • Understand the concept of distributed computing
  • Access and explore data via SQL with Hive
  • Understand the concept of the non-relational distributed database with HBase
  • Use Apache Spark to analyze and process data



After completing training participant will get a certificate of completion: Yava247 Data Management Platform Essentials




YAVA247 Data Management Platform Essensials
Course code: PRD101
Course type: Product Training
Duration: 1 day
Skill level: All Level
Course Format: Theory, Demo and Practice